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Conferencia de mujeres 2022

March 1 - 2, 2024

¡Únase a nosotros del 18 al 20 de marzo de 2022!

on the journey together

Discover the Journey of Grace: A lifelong adventure, guided by God's love, shaping your unique story. Embrace transformation and connect with God's story at this year's Women's Conference. 

Conference Schedule

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5PM | Registration Begins + Nacho Bar & Market with a Mission

6:30PM | Session 1 with Rev. Jenee Noriega + Desserts & Coffee

  Session 2 with Rev. Noriega


Breakfast on your own. 

9AM | Session 3 with Rev. Noriega

11AM | Workshops 

12PM | Lunch Buffet

2PM | Workshops

3PM | Break

3:30PM | Session 4 with Rev. Noriega + Communion

Conference Playlist

Click on the image to the right to begin listening to songs that we will be singing this weekend!

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About Rev. Jenee Noriega

Jenee is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene who preaches and teaches holiness. She has had the amazing opportunity to speak at Women's Conferences, Youth Conferences, leadership events, and has spoken to thousands of people about her faith in secular settings. Jenee loves to travel the world sharing Jesus' love and teaching full deliverance through the message of entire sanctification.

Detalles de la conferencia

Ubicación: Mission Church of the Nazarene

4750 Mission Gorge Pl. 

San Diego, CA 92120

Costo: $ 50 

La vivienda NO está incluida


Get to know the Workshops that will be available at this year's Women's Conference! 

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Identity Protection Plan

Led by: Helen Sloan


Did you know that someone’s financial identity is stolen every 3 seconds?  Bad huh?  But even worse, our self-identity is in jeopardy of being stolen every second of every day!  Have you ever felt unworthy, unwanted, not good enough?  We have an enemy of our soul who doesn’t want us to know our true identity or know the full life we have been created to live.  Come and find out about God’s Identity Protection Plan.

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The Power of Prayer

Led by: Dr. Holly Irwin Churchman


Explore the significance of prayer: its types, timing, and its profound connection to your relationship with God. Delve into the essentials of an active prayer life, crucial for our faith walk. This session invites you to join a communal space to enrich and deepen your journey with the Lord through the transformative power of prayer.


Holiness in Intimacy

Led by: Amanda Graley

God has a unique design for dynamic intimacy in marriage. As women, we wear a lot of hats and, if we’re honest, intimacy can be stifled by trying to balance it all. During this workshop, we will explore God’s plan & tools to build spiritual and physical intimacy in your marriage.


Becoming A Woman of Grace

Led by: Hadley Halbert


Did you know that being kind to yourself is actually a spiritual practice? Giving ourselves grace is a way of showing Jesus love, and that can be hard to do! In this workshop, we will dive into what it looks like Scripturally to give ourselves grace using examples from the lives of women in the Bible, and even close our time practicing this by writing a letter to ourselves.


Caring for the Caregiver

Led by: Dr. Diana Amaya Rodriguez


At some point in our lives, most of us will become caregivers. Caregiving is rewarding and can be a calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus, but it can be challenging and stressful. Who takes care of the caregiver? Jesus recognized that everyone needs to take time to break away and rest so that they can take care of themselves. Whether in a short or long-term caregiving role, developing sustainable caregiving practices is necessary as we continue in our Journey of Grace. This workshop will help to identify various caregiving roles, provide strategies for how to care for yourself as a caregiver, and identify resources for support and further education. 


Amazing Grace Craft

Led by: Renee Swartz

During this workshop, you will be making an "Amazing Grace" wooden craft that reminds us of the incredible grace of God to go to the cross for us.  This craft will be great for use in your home year-round but especially good for Easter. You can choose to make the craft country or modern style.


El Poder Sanador del Perdón 

Led by Maria Victoria Girón

Desarrollar buenas relaciones es una excelente estrategia para el crecimiento personal y espiritual. En este taller descubriremos el poder transformador del perdón para liberar nuestro corazón del resentimiento, el enojo y el odio. Aprenderemos el camino hacia unas relaciones más saludables, teniendo como pilar fundamental el valorar a los demás y cómo hacer del perdón el puente hacia una vida más plena y armoniosa: Perdonar para sanar, sanar para amar y amar para crecer.


Unanchor Your Anxiety 

Led by Dr. Jennifer Anderson

Unanchor Your Anxiety because the Mind Drives Everything… this workshop will equip you with tools, education and understanding of how the brain works and how to challenge the unwanted feelings and thoughts that anxiety often presents using biblical truths and psychological techniques. 

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